Dias Da Cruz Steve


26 years old



In my opinion, for every problem there is always a satisfying solution. Even though it might be easy to find a solution for a given problem in the first place, this solution might be far from being optimal. Sometimes it might even be impossible to find the solution we are seeking and we might end up choosing lesser of the two evils. I always liked thinking about how to crack down on a problem, which might be one of the many reasons why I started studying mathematics in the first place. The latter not only taught me the tools to look efficiently for that mysterious X everybody is talking about, but sooner than later I noticed that it helped me to analyze and solve problems in general, which do not necessarily need to be related to mathematics.

I am largely interested in optimizations, modelling, problem solving, cryptography and all sort of applying mathematics to the real problems our society is facing. The beauty in mathematics lies in the fact, that it enables us to solve huge problems, to make life easier and to provide the necessary knowledge to help our society.

I am a final year Master's student in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg. I will choose to deepen my studies in industrial/applied mathematics, which is the reason I will have to do an internship starting in February and lasting between 4 and (preferably) 6 months. So, my problem is to find the most interesting opportunity for me. Hopefully, this website will be the first step into the right direction and maybe after reading a bit more about me, you might have some suggestions which might help me. In the best case scenario, you might even be able to recommend me to a company. In either case, I would really appreciate any kind of input and I thank you very much in advance.


Since 2015

University of Luxembourg

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Student project: Compressed sensing and the basis pursuit algorithm (download)

Seminar: Strategically equivalent contests (download)

Seminar: MNIST and machine learning (in progress)

2012 – 2015

University of Luxembourg

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor Thesis: Elliptic Curve Cryptography and the Weil pairing (visit university page)

Grade: Very Good (16.4 / 20)

2014 – 2015

Mobility Semester at the University of Strasbourg

Award: Prize for the most successful semester abroad (download)


Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC)

Evening course - Liquor licence

2011 – 2012

Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC)

Evening course – Business studies

2010 – 2011

Trier University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Business studies (discontinued)

2007 – 2010

Lycée Classique d‘Echternach

Enseignement moderne

Section Mathématiques – Informatique

Grade: Very Good (50 / 60)

2003 – 2007

Lycée Technique Joseph Bech

Enseignement moderne


Since 2016

Founding Partner Depixit s.à r.l

  • Web-Developper

2014 – 2015

L-Pod s.à r.l.

  • Web-Developper


Summer job at SES Engineering s.à r.l

  • Programming in Lua
  • Graph theory
  • D3.js applied to a scheduling system
  • Makefiles
  • Luhn, Verhoeff and Damm Algorithm for checksums


Summer job at SES Engineering s.à r.l

  • Programming in Lua
  • Algorithm development for scheduling system
  • Analysis of CSPRNG for Cryptographic application
  • User interface design

2011 – 2012

Banque Raiffeisen, Merl, Luxembourg

  • Helpdesk Agent E-Banking
  • IFBL Formation
  • Multiline (Business E-Banking)
  • Luxtrust
  • Drupal
  • Intranet (HTML)

Computing skills

  • Lua, Python Programming
  • HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript and PHP
  • Numerical analysis (course at the University of Luxembourg)
  • C++ Programming (elective course at the University of Strasbourg)
  • Java Programming (elective course at the University of Luxembourg)
  • Matlab, Maple 16 and Latex (elective courses at the University of Luxembourg)
  • Data structures and algorithms (elective courses at the University of Luxembourg and Strasbourg)
  • Data modeling (elective course at the University of Luxembourg)
  • R (elective course at the University of Strasbourg and Luxembourg)
  • Ubuntu
  • Basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects

Other practical experience

  • Temporary staff as sound- and light engineer on several events
  • Organisation of several events
  • President of the Star-Events a.s.b.l. (Activity discontinued)
  • Yearlong project management participation at high school and organisation of a talent show
  • Yearlong participation in „Mini-Entreprise Styfly“ at high school
  • Four-week holiday job as a postman
  • One-week internship at an architect
  • Four-week holiday job as a production worker at Duscholux